What should be paid attention to when selecting sewage lift pump in the basement toilet?

publish:2022-11-08 11:20:22   source : Bathroom News    author :Zhiliu Xugong    views :222
Zhiliu Xugong Bathroom News publish:2022-11-08 11:20:22  

First of all, for the toilet lift pump, the most important thing to solve is the problem of sewage blockage.

In this case, we can consider using equipment with a cutting knife. The feces and toilet paper discharged from the toilet are directly cut into pieces before entering the box to ensure that the basement will not be blocked.

The second is regular maintenance.

In general, the sewage discharged from the toilet contains feces, which can easily contaminate the inner wall of the box and the cutting knife. A long time will affect the service life of the equipment. Therefore, we try to choose the equipment with a backwash device in the selection of equipment, which can be connected to the water pipe, and which can wash the inner wall of the box and the cutting knife regularly, So that the sewage lift pump does not need to worry about regular maintenance after installation.

Finally, of course, there is the installation problem

Generally, the sewage lift pump is directly installed in the toilet or cabinet. Few toilet lift pumps can be buried in the wall or pit. In the final analysis, the protection level is not up to standard. In this case, the equipment with the protection level of IP68 should be selected as far as possible to meet the different installation requirements under different working conditions, which greatly beautifies the toilet.

In addition to the above functions, what other functions do you think the toilet sewage lift pump should have?

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