How to choose the size of bathroom products?

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In the interior decoration, the bathroom is often a decoration area that we easily ignore. Although it is not a large area, it bears a heavy responsibility in our life. Moreover, the waterway routing of the bathroom is particularly complex. If we do not control some details during the decoration, such as the size of sanitary products, or the preparation before decoration, it will bring great trouble to our future life, which requires us to spend a lot of energy and money to solve.

During the decoration, we should firmly control the decoration details of the toilet, so as to reduce our troubles in the future to a large extent. Today we will talk about what details we need to pay attention to when decorating the toilet?

1、 Dimensions of sanitary products

In the face of a wide range of sanitary products on the market, for those who decorate Xiaobai, we don't know how to choose. In fact, when we choose sanitary ware, we should pay attention to the quality of the products, and the size should also be the focus of our attention. Even if the sanitary ware products are beautiful and beautiful, the size of the products is not appropriate after they are bought home, which is of no use. So when we buy sanitary ware products, Be sure to have a clear plan for the specific size of the entire toilet, and then fill the corresponding products according to the size of the area.

It is better to select these facilities when designing the toilet, so as to ensure the space fit to a large extent. For example, where should sockets be installed, or the specific dimensions of the length, width and height of the bathroom cabinet, we must be clear when designing the toilet, so that we can not only speed up the construction process, but also ensure the comfort of daily use.

2、 Sanitary dead space

Cleaning has always been very important for toilets. Toilets have always been the hardest hit areas to be cleaned, and the cleaning burden is also heavy, especially in some dead corners of toilets. For example, the dead corner around the toilet is often very easy to hide dirt, especially for housewives. We can completely use the wall mounted toilet, which is more convenient to use, occupies less area, and has no sanitary dead space. For products such as bathroom cabinets, try to choose those designed in the air instead of directly contacting the ground. Mops can be directly cleaned in them. They not only have a very high appearance, but also are very convenient and simple to clean.

3、 Water and electricity reconstruction drawing

Generally, after the water and electricity renovation of the toilet, the decoration company will basically provide the owner with a water and electricity renovation drawing. Many owners feel that they don't care, so they just throw it away. In fact, this practice is wrong. The water and electricity transformation drawing must be kept well. It indicates the direction of the water and electricity lines. If there are problems in the future, we can make modifications according to this drawing, so that there are rules to follow, and there is no way to start. In addition, a copy of the water and electricity diagram must be backed up again in case of emergency.

4、 Dry wet separation design

If you don't want the bathroom to be filled with wet water vapor every day, you must do a dry wet separation design. In modern home decoration, the washrooms are all designed in a uniform way to separate dry and wet. Only this design method is more consistent with the bathroom. There is no shortage of separating the washroom area from the shower area to ensure that the two areas are separate from each other to a large extent. A toilet can be used by multiple people, without the embarrassment of waiting for the bathroom. Moreover, the dry wet separation design can also prevent moisture from spreading. After taking a bath, the ground will no longer be wet, greatly improving our daily experience and creating a good sanitary space for life.

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