During the "Toilet Revolution"

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At the beginning of 2015, Wu Xiaobo's article "Buy a Toilet Lid in Japan" brought the smart toilet into the view of domestic consumers. At that time, this kind of toilet lid with antibacterial, automatic flushing and seat heating functions was a senior rarity. Although the price was not cheap, it still became the first choice of many consumers in the purchase list.

Wu Xiaobo commented regretfully in his article: "The future of Made in China is to let the middle class not have to go overseas to buy toilet covers." After 7 years, domestic intelligent bathroom has made great progress in technology, market and brand, and the products are accelerating to show a trend of nationalization.

With the official launch of Jingdong's 11.11 Global Love Season, Jingdong Jingzao joined hands with Magmet Factory, a sanitary industry belt in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, to launch the Black Whale series intelligent toilet, which made a good start. The total turnover increased by 140% month on month compared with this year's "618", and the sales volume increased by 10 times in three years.

Zhang Zhi, co-founder and COO of Meggitt, said that a small intelligent toilet has become the best model of intelligent bathroom. Meggitt will work with Jingdong Jingzao to continue to subvert people's expectations for bathroom space.

Sales volume increased 10 times in three years, and JD Jingzao seized the "blue ocean" of intelligent toilets

With a new round of consumption upgrading, smart bathroom products are currently accelerating the trend of localization and nationalization. According to the data of JD Research Institute, from 2017 to 2020, the sales volume of intelligent toilet covers will double, and the sales volume of intelligent toilets will even increase by 10 times. In addition, according to the data of Ovi Cloud, in 2021, the retail volume of domestic intelligent toilet will increase by 14.19%.

Obviously, Wu Xiaobo said that the "Made in China tomorrow" has arrived, and in addition to the quiet cultivation of domestic high-quality factories, the blessing of industrial innovation mode has also become an important driving force.

As a private brand of JD, JD Made in Beijing continues to deepen the domestic core industrial belt, and works with high-quality factories to reshape the industrial ecology, while also bringing more high-quality products to consumers.

"Before cooperating with JD, we mainly made OEM and ODM for traditional bathroom brands. The feedback was slow from the factory to the building materials market and then sold to customers. The factory lacked in-depth understanding of consumers' needs and pain points. It can be said that with the help of JD, Meggitt really 'approached' consumers." Chen Liang, general manager of marketing of Meggitt, said.

Under the C2M reverse customization mode, JD Jingzao has made great efforts to help the factory establish a new standard from research and development to design to quality control through accurate insight into user needs, and removed all levels of distribution links, so that the factory can obtain greater profits than before.

In March 2018, the two sides launched the instant smart toilet cover with stable water temperature and continuous cleaning in only five months, and made the sales of this product exceed 10000 units in three months. In May 2022, JD Jingzao Black Whale series intelligent toilets will be officially launched, and the sales volume will exceed 30000 units during 618.

At present, the sales of the Double 11 Festival are very popular, which undoubtedly proves the strong product strength and market influence of this smart toilet once again, marking that the Black Whale series has become a truly popular product among smart toilet products.

One is a production factory with strong technical strength, and the other is a supply chain service provider that has accumulated resources and capabilities for many years. The innovative cooperation model between Megmet and Jingdong Jingzao C2M has realized an all-round upgrade from the development concept, team structure, product research and development model, business model, etc.

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