Bathtub maintenance issues
A:How to choose your own pit toilet from the bathroom?

Drainage from the pit toilet sewage outlet center refers to the completion of the wall distance; toilet pit wall drainage outfall from the center refers the distance from the ground.
Basic toilet drain from the pit bottom has two 305 mm and 400 mm. Suppose the user's home from the pit is 305 mm or 400 mm, then the tank will be properly installed 2-3 cm away from the wall.

B:My toilet has been in the water, how to solve?

To resolve this problem, consider the possibilities:
1, there is no flow of water into the overflow pipe? If so, please adjust the valves.
2, the chain is too tight or too loose? OK slack chain only 1-2 chain ring.
3, valve area around the home or whether recently had been turned off for some reason? This will lead to impurities into the water to reach the inlet valve gasket thus affecting its sealing performance. Please clean up the surface of the inlet valve. If not resolved, please call the supplier to order a new inlet valve gasket.

C::Toilets how to adjust the water level in the tank?

Connecting rod with a float float adjustment clip (see below), pinch to adjust the clamp moves up and down, you can adjust the water level. The adjustment is generally placed in a standard factory-level folders online, the best flushing effect, without further adjustment.

D:The best cleaning method jacuzzi like?

According to the case, the monthly cleaning your Jacuzzi twice or more.
1 clockwise to adjust the nozzle to ensure that no air enters.
2, admitted to the tub of warm water to more than 2 inches at the top of the nozzle, or after using the water left in the tub.
3, to the water pour one teaspoon of detergent and 20 ounces of household bleach (5% to 6% of sodium chloride).
4, open the bathtub whirlpool function and continue to work 5-10 minutes, then turn off and the water drained.
5, if necessary, scrub clean the surface with water bath.

E:Cleaning and maintenance faucet

Coating the surface with neutral soapy water, then dry thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth entire surface, many cleaners such as ammonia, toilet cleanser and other spirits, will be on the plating surface damage, so please do not use, but there is wear of cleaning utensils or cleaning agents can be used not CARST brand faucet and accessories.
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